Coin master Free Spins

coin master free spins

Coin Master is a highly popular game played on both Android and IOS mobile phones. Many celebrities also play this game, such as Jenifer Lopez, Kris Jenner, Kardashians, etc. it’s a simple game in which you need coins to build a village from spins. There are different tricks to get coin master free spins like inviting friends, watching ads, etc.

Are you a beginner in the Coin Master game? Are you stuck on how to get some coin master free spins? Well, don’t worry! We will share some simple tricks to get free spins coin master.

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What is a Coin Master?

Coin Master is an android game created by a well-known Israeli studio called Moon Active. It is a casual single-player mobile game. The game is free and accessible for every mobile user. Coin master comes out way back in 2010. Coin master is highly popular on the google play store with more than 100 million downloads. It is the most popular game in Germany and UK. It is also well-known in different European countries.

The basic idea of the game is that as days pass, you can gather spins in the game, which are then spent to spin a slot machine that grants you attacks, shields, raids, or even more free coin master spins. So as the name points out, it mostly revolves around coins. However, the game also supports a village gaming mechanic. The coins which you have accumulated can then be used to build and upgrade the village buildings. You are also rewarded with stars when you upgrade a building.

You can also play the game with your friends. That’s right, and you can connect your social media account like your Facebook account. The social media account allows you to poke your friends, spamming them with the game, or plunder their villages. The coins present in the game can also be used to buy chests and be used to build villages or upgrade buildings. There are three different types of chests present in the game, which you can buy with your coins and these chests contain collectible cards. Once you find a complete set contain

s, you are rewarded with more free spins coin master. As you progress your way through the game, you can gather up to tens of millions of coins. When you upgrade a village to the max, you unlock different villages to spend your coins on them. It is a great game with tons of features and a huge fan base.

How to play the coin master game?

Coin Master is an addictive game played by millions of people all over the world. When you install the game on your mobile and open it, the first thing you will see will be the village. The first task you assigned is to build your village completely. After that, you can upgrade the village the way you want to. If you want to build a village in the game, you need to have plenty of coins at your disposal. The spin gathers the coins.

To be a pro in the game, you need to have plenty of coins, and you need to know how to use those coins efficiently. The game awards the new player with free spins and coins to kick start his/her campaign. Once you spend your initial coins, you can only get new ones by spinning the excellently built slot machine in the game. You can also receive free coins, and free spins coin master by clicking on advertisements and different links. Apart from coins, there are also trading cards present in the game. By gathering a set of collectible cards, you can unlock all kinds of exciting gifts and surprises.

Tips and Tricks to Get Coin Master Free Spins

Out of coins in the Coin Master game? Don’t worry if you have finished your coins and spins. Here is a list of tricks from which you can get coin master free spins easily without spending any money:

Follow coin master on social media platforms

Make sure to follow coin master on social media platforms where Moon Active and Coin Master developers provide some links. Several rewards are given by clicking on these links, which include free spins coin master. Also, make sure to follow coin master on Twitter and their Facebook page to keep your hands on the free stuff.

By watching video Ads

Coin Master players who ran out of coins can get a few coin master free spins for the day by just watching a video ad. To watch the ad, go to the slot machine and click on the spin energy button located on the bottom right. After you’ve finished watching the ad, limited free spins are given to you for the day.

Upgrade your village

Another way to get free spins coin master is by leveling up your village. On every level up, you are rewarded with a bundle of free spins along with a chest. However, to move to the next level, you have to buy every building in the village and improvements. This itself will cost you a lot of spins so that you have enough coins to purchase everything.

Don’t forget to collect the daily bonus

Like many other mobile phone games, later on in the game, coin master gives you a bonus free coin master spin every day. However, this option is not available in initial levels, but it comes after you level up some stages. Once it becomes available, click on the menu in the upper right corner and click on the daily bonus. A wheel will appear to spin it to get some free coins every day.

Take benefit from Events

In coin master, at least one event is almost always happening. These events shower free coin master spins when achieved. So try to participate in these events to get more spins and more coins. These events include village mania, tournament milestone, gift master, the sea of fortune, and many more. All of them are a great chance to get coin master free spins.

Connect your Facebook account

When you log in via your Facebook account in the coin master game, there is a chance to win 50 free spins without any effort. Of course, if you use any other method to log in, you can always switch to log in through Facebook with those 50 spins.

Collection of card sets

Although cards are just for fun, you get a bundle of free spins coin master if you complete the set. After upgrading the level, you get a wooden chest box on every level up. On opening the chest box, you win cards. Moreover, you can purchase chest boxes from coins to complete the set. Every completed set of cards will get you a couple of spins. In addition to that, you earn other things as a reward, such as pets.

Get more Coin Master free spins by spinning

Just spin to win! You can win additional spins by spinning the wheel. If three energy spins come in a row on the slot machine. You win a couple of extra free spins in coin master.

Invite your friends

Another way to get free spins coin master is by inviting your friends to download coin master and log in with their Facebook account. With every login, you will get 40 free spins which considerable. Of course, after downloading and login, it is up to them to play the game or not. However, it’s good if you both play this interesting game in your leisure time.

Free spins as gifts

Another method to get free coin master spin is by requesting friends to send spin gifts every day. But to get gifts from them, they should be an active player on coin master. Every active friend can send you one free spin per day. So, if you have 100 friends in coin master, you can get 100 free spins per day which is amazing. Moreover, you can visit social media pages such as Facebook communities and Reddit communities to see who is playing and who is willing to make you a friend in the coin master game.

Wait for free spins coin master

Another obvious but considerable for free coin master spins in the coin master game. You get 5 free spins every hour while actively playing. But the maximum capacity it holds is 50 at a time, and further free spins are lost. Therefore, try to use those 50 spins after every 10 hours. This will make room for more spins, and you can use them in the next 10 hours again. A suggestion is that you set a reminder on your mobile to use those 50 spins in time so that no spins are lost. With this strategy in mind, you will end up having a huge number of free spins coin master, and it is worth it.

Download the App to get free coin master spins

When all the tips and tricks don’t work to get free spins, there is an alternative way to get free spins without waiting for the whole day to pass to generate some spins. Download the coin master app with your email, and you will get a message in your inbox of daily spins and coins.

The Slot Machines Where You Get Free Coin Master Spins

The slot machine is the screen where you will spend most of the time spinning the wheel. You can land on this screen by swiping down from village view or in the main menu. Under this machine, you can see the number of spins left, and by using one, it gets subtracted from the total number of spins. The coin master slot machine consists of four reels. The aim is to get four same symbols in the same row to perform the action. These symbols are a pig bandit, hammer, a bag of coins, shield, and energy capsule.

The Pig Bandit

The pig bandit is a sign in which a pig is wearing a bandit mask. In case you have four same pig bandit symbols in a row, you can immediately perform a raid. First, the slot machine shows the name and image of the targeted player. After that, you are taken to the targeted village and dig the victim’s coins.

The Bag of Coins

As the name suggests, a bag of coins contains coins. Coins play a major role in the coin master game. With coins, you can buy or upgrade buildings. Unlike other symbols, you get a small reward if less than three symbols appear and a bigger reward if all the same bag coin symbol appears.

The Hammer

If you get three straight hammer symbols in a row, you get a hammer mimicking Thor’s hammer. You can attack any building of a village auto-selected by the game. If you have logged in via a Facebook account, you can attack any friend’s building you want and get coins as a reward.

Energy Capsule

If you three energy capsules in a row on the slot machine, it means you can watch another promotional video ad. After watching the ad, you get 10 free spins coin master. You can again spin the wheel 10 times which is amazing.


The shield symbol means protection. If you have three shield symbols in a row, a shield will be given to you against the enemy’s attack on your buildings. Similarly, if your enemy has a shield, you cannot attack them. However, you gain 50,000 coins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to get Coin Master Free spins?

You can get the coin master free spins by following the tips and tricks and by
visiting our page regularly.

How many levels does Coin Master have?

There are 314 levels in coin master right now that you can play.

What are cards for in Coin Master?

By collecting the 9 cards having the same theme, you will earn gifts and spins.

What do stars depict in Coin Master?

Stars show the rank of players. You can earn stars by moving to new levels,
building village as well as collecting cards.


In the end, with all these free spins and coins, you can buy new buildings, villages, and pets. The whole coin master game revolves around the number of extra spins and their benefits. Now you are aware of all the possible ways to get coin master free spins.